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About Anne


Anne Musisi is a multidisciplinary artist with a background in Acting and Global Theatre and Acting for Screen. Main focus is storytelling through the medium of film. Her mission is to create, develop and support narratives that promote equality, inclusivity and are representative of diverse people. 


What makes her work unique is that she aspires to tackle universal themes and/or issues that are not often represented in mainstream media through a globally minded perspective. Having grown up in Central Asia, Easter Europe, Eastern and Southern Africa and now the UK she determined to use her experiences and work to most importantly to promote the importance of representation and empathy and the role these two factors play in creating a sense of connectivity in a digital world that can often feel very isolating.


Recent projects of hers include ‘Ruth’ a short film produced by AbeoJackson Productions about a young African Caribbean woman who is diagnosed with early onset Alzeihmer’s disease. Now she is in post production for the short film she directed called ‘The Unraveling’. This film was written by BAFTA talent Grace Ofori-Attah for the Third Year BA Acting students at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London..

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