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The Unravelling

March 2020

Just how far would you go to prove a point? Everything turns to 'sh#%$' when the events at what was supposed to be a 'quiet dinner with friends', reveals the truth about the status of fragile state of this friendship group's relationship dynamic.


Written by Grace Ofori-Attah

Coming soon.

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You Wouldn't Adam and Eve It

February 2019

You ever put your foot in your mouth, and not known how to get out of a sticky situation? Jess certainly has. When her best friend and ultimate CRUSH Harry questions her relationship status (#single), he proposes they go on a double date so she can introduce her 'new boyfriend'. Only issue is, now she has to find one.

Written by Lauren Rutherford

Available on Vimeo.

(Contact for password)

ARPH (1).png

February 2019

Secrets, lies and violence. This friendship group is tested when Tom finds out Ryan and Holly's relationship might not be as 'perfect' (or safe), as it seems.


Written by Danielle Saunders

Available on Vimeo.

(Contact for password) 


June 2018

A short film about a young Afro Caribbean woman's (Ruth), and her battle with Early Onset Alzheimer's disease. This heart felt and layered story exposes how she, her family and loved ones do their best to navigate the rapid and unpredictable nature change in her mental health decline.


Written by Abeo Jackson

Available on YouTube

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